Health Benefits of Exercise

Independence and Longevity: Live longer and continue to perform daily tasks with ease.

Reduction and Management of Chronic Disease: Regular physical activity helps to prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Increased Energy and Stamina: Exercise helps you to get through your busy day without feeling drained and exhausted.

Better Memory: Studies have proven that active adults have a lower risk of memory loss and dementia.

Increased Flexibility and Stronger Bones: Weight bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises help to keep bones strong and healthy, and improve your flexibility. You can remain active no matter what your game may be.

Enhanced Appearance and Mood: Exercise makes you look good and feel great, which has a positive effect on both your mood and your outlook on life.

Sleep More Soundly: An active lifestyle helps to promote more restful, quality sleep so you can wake up each day refreshed and ready to go!

Weight Management: Physical activity helps to maintain a healthy body weight and also keeps blood pressure in check. It also helps to prevent disease and ease pressure on joints.

Stress Reduction: Feeling tense or anxious? Regular exercise can help you alleviate these concerns and relax.

Accident Prevention: Exercise improves co-ordination and balance which decreases the risk of falling and subsequent injuries.

Socialization: Group fitness classes provide an opportunity for meeting new friends who share your fitness goals.